Hammer King – Kingdom of the Hammer King

PromoImage (34) When it comes down to some kick ass power metal the first bands that I think of are Sabaton, Manowar, and Blind Guardian. Well Hammer King’s upcoming “Kingdom of the Hammer King” has everything it needs to be put among those giants: powerful feel, great rhythm and melody, and a fantasy theme that only power metal can do right (other than folk and viking metal, of course). Straight from the beginning, “Kingdom of the Hammer King” shows that they mean business and won’t leave until you release that their presence is that of power and they won’t leave until they’ve won the war and claim the right to be put among the ranks of the greatest bands of the genre. Each song is a melodic piece of badassery that is in your face and constantly pelts your ear drums with the music and continues to do so for the entire album. “Kingdom of the Hammer King” is a very solid power metal album that will have fans of both the fan and the genre, and of course new listeners, clapping their hands in approval of this great work.


LISTEN to the title track via YouTube below.

LIKE Hammer King on Facebook here.


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