Monolord – We Will Burn (single)

PromoImage2-700x693 That cover art doesn’t exactly scream but doom metal, but “We Will Burn” from Monolord’s upcoming sophomore album “Vænir” shows that there is much more underneath that the cover art doesn’t portray. This single is a great track in every single way from the beginning and shows that not only will “Vænir” be a proper doom metal album, it will also be an impressive album overall if it’s going to be anything like “We Will Burn”. The track is over 7 minutes long so it’s got that real doom metal feel to it along with the vocals that really hook you in and put you into a magnificent state of mind where you can only admire what you’re hearing. The guitars also have a great sound and feel to them that only doom metal can achieve and it makes me happy to be a fan of the genre because this is the exact thing I love about it: the crushing feel and the riffs that never cease to be fantastic. “Vænir” may possibly be an amazing album if “We Will Burn” is anything like the rest of the tracks off of the album, in which case pre-order me the CD, baby!


LISTEN to “We Will Burn” on Cvlt Nation here.

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