Dark Void – Release the Kraken

PromoImage (32) Never thought I’d hear such an admirable debut EP from a band who’s average age is only 17. Oh well! First time for everything and I’m very glad that Dark Void’s upcoming “Release the Kraken” was that first! This album begins with a very well done acoustic guitar that leads into the thrash that this album portrays extremely well. The blistering speed of the guitars are the obvious results of musicians with great talent listening to bands like Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer for many years and then deciding to make a legend of their own, and their path to glory is starting off impressively well. “Release the Kraken” is brutal in an amazing way that with its speed to also go along with it I’ve absolutely nothing to complain about with the sound because it sounds so good for a thrash metal album. If there was ever to be a band with massive amounts of potential that could have an outstanding career and be remembered for years to come with their creativity then Dark Void is that band without a doubt.


LISTEN to the lyric video for the title track via YouTube right below (and no, there isn’t any added audio).

LIKE Dark Void on Facebook here.


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