Krueger – Return to Death

PromoImage (31) When people talk about a band of today that does old school death metal does it right I want their first goddamn thought to be Krueger’s upcoming “Return to Death” because this album has the whole fucking nine yards when it comes down to old school death done fantastically. This album has all the works down to the cover art with the vocals ripping through your ears after the guitars and drums tenderize your headset and then your brain itself. Just the raw, brutal feel of this album is something that a lot of bands have, yes, but forming it in a way that just sounds great to all the fans of death metal out there because “Return to Death” has captured the original essence of the genre and amplifies that in a way that leaves you wanting more. And if you really do have that desire then do not worry because this is only Krueger’s second full length album so if you want more of them then they surely got more badassery up their sleeves that they will surely show in future pieces.


LISTEN to the title track via YouTube below.

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