Fortid – 9

fortid-cover If someone told be that pagan black metal could ever be made more badass or epic than what it normally is I’d call fucking bullshit. But, as if to prove me wrong, Fortid’s upcoming new album of that same exact genre, “9”, has taken the genre to whole ‘nother level for me. This album has a great feel from it from the transcending vocals that have a wide range of intensity to the length of songs with one reaching over 10 minutes to the badass riffs contained all throughout “9” that just deserve a round of goddamn applause each time. Each moment of the album is jam packed with black metal that I will note isn’t as intense or hardcore as other bands out there but Fortid gets the job done with this album extremely well no matter how you look at it, and “9” is an album that deserves whatever attention it gets because it is a truly good album.


LISTEN to the track, “Hrafnar”, off of “9” via YouTube below.

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