Theories – Regression

regression From now on whenever I think of raw metal I will think of Theories’ debut album “Regression” because this shit is more raw than steak still attached to a live cow. This album from the very beginning is extremely fast paced and brings the feel of death metal alongside the hardcore grind metal that is ever so present throughout the entirety of “Regression” with the super intense vocals that are some of the most intense I’ve heard for a while that went so well with guitars that seem like they’re purposely made to create a sound that will make ears bleed with how fast and powerfully brutal they are with that ferocious thrum of the drums. “Regressions” is also Theories’ debut but it fucking sounds like they’ve been doing this for ages and have finally mastered their craft, but no! Theories have begun the path of a death grind metal band that will have fans of its type watering at the mouths whenever they hear the name Theories.


LISTEN to the full album via Invisible Oranges here or watch the YouTube video for the track “Cycle of Decay” right below.

LIKE Theories on Facebook here.


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