Kafirun – Glorification of Holy Death

KAFIRUN Glorification of Holy Death EP When it comes down to just straight black metal with a modern kick to it that a lot of metal heads can hear and enjoy, Kafirun has hit the nail on the motherfucking head with their new album “Glorification of Holy Death”. This album is a blast of old fashioned black metal done right with ripping guitars and hardcore vocals that us fans know and love, but this also comes with a twist of modern black metal that brings a sort of refinement to the music that persists throughout the album and is very noticeable if you really listen to it. The beat and feel to “Glorification of Holy Death” does the album massive amounts of justice with plenty of badass blast beats and a monstrous sound that persists through each and every song. The only exception to that rule is the first track which is much slower and calmer than the others but it still has a great feel to it. “Glorification of Holy Death” is an album that is an essential for black metal fans everywhere because this is the prime template for any modern black metal wanting to have that old traditional black metal feel along with it.


LISTEN to “Glorification of Holy Death” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Kafirun on Facebook here.


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