Veld – Daemonic: The Art of Dantalian

PromoImage (30) An album that is seven years in the making is bound to build up some sort of hype, and even more when the album is said to take influence from bands like Behemoth and Decapitated. Veld has done all of that and pulled it off fantastically with their upcoming death metal album “Daemonic: The Art of Dantalian” because this entire album is heavy. It’s fast. It’s loud. It’s fucking badass. The fact that the album does sound like a mash-up between Behemoth and Decapitated just makes it all the more better with its brutally gruesome feel to it with the harsh vocals and the guitars and drums that are fast and absolutely punishing. The entirety of “Daemonic: The Art of Dantalian” is a definite must for any death metal fan out there because Veld has made everything you could ever want and more.


LISTEN to the second track, “World in Obscure”, via YouTube below.

LIKE Veld on Facebook here.


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