Piah Mater – Memories of Inexistence

a2609587366_10 Bruh . . . real talk . . . I don’t think a band, much less a death metal band, has ever tried to be more progressive and succeeded more than Piah Mater has with their late 2014 album “Memories of Inexistence”. This Brazilian duo (yes, duo!) has done an absolutely marvelous job with this album with the vocals that vary from the traditional sound of death metal to more soothing and calmer vocals. Now I know that sounds like metalcore and surely some of you might get mad at that idea, but this is far from metalcore. Far. So shut up. The guitars are also much like the vocals with their sound ranging from heavy to calm and sounding all the more badass with each passing moment which are all almost over 6 minutes long with the exception of one track but that’s no big deal. “Memories of Inexistence” is an album that is very, very well rounded and is an absolute must for any metal head who loves all things that are metal and good and done in a way that will leave you stunned in your chair as it did with me.


LISTEN to “Memories of Inexistence” via Bandcamp here.

LIKE Piah Mater on Facebook here.


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