Chugger – Human Plague

PromoImage (29) If there was ever a groove death metal album that practically made me shit my pants and leave me stunned in my chair then Chugger has made that album for me. The riffs in their upcoming album “Human Plague” are the stuff of dreams for metal heads like me that love anything with a great beat and Chugger brings heaps of that for this entire 11-track beast of an album. And if there’s anybody out there that likes their death metal vocals but don’t like the super fast guitars then don’t worry because that’s exactly what groove metal is: fast guitars but no thrash metal, for sure, and Chugger is without a doubt the band that makes some of the best quality for their genre and is no doubt the band of their genre that are just waiting to take on the world to become a household name among metal fans. Everything about this album down to the badass cover art and logo for the band is fucking great and is without a doubt a force to be reckoned with when “Human Plague” comes out April 1st.

LISTEN to the second track, “Virus”, via YouTube below.

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