Mortals / Repellers (split)

PromoImage (27) Just by looking at this cover I should’ve known that this split between black metal acts Mortals and Repellers was gonna be badass. This album starts off with an 8-minute track from Mortals that is filled with creative ingenuity because it had just an awesome feel to it that was smooth, but rugged at the same time with it because of it being black metal. But then the rest of the album is Repellers and I’m completely fine with that because Repellers did as good of a job in 3 songs that Mortals did in just one with them being fast, slow, and innovative in sound and composure in almost every way. This split is definitely something to check out if you’re looking for underground black metal bands with talent because Mortals and Repellers have heaps of it to go around, and Repellers is currently writing their debut full length so there’s something to get excited for!


LISTEN to the first track “10 Years of Filth” from Mortals via Bandcamp here.

LIKE Mortals on Facebook here.

LIKE Repellers on Facebook here.


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