Evacuate the City – The Catastrophe

752577276035f6afcfab23fa7b75eff3 Metalcore is commonly known to people who don’t normally listen to it (metal elitists) swear upon the entire universe that the genre is just “a bunch of fuckin’ bitch whining and nothing hardcore and err it’s fucking bullshit”. Well I am not such an elitist because metalcore is personally one of my favorite genres because it’s probably the genre that is most packed with meaning to each song while also having two distinct vocal styles that can be one of the greatest combination of vocals that you’ve ever heard (personal examples: Times of Grace, Devil You Know, A Breach of Silence). Well now, with some assistance of a friend, I have discovered another such band that meets that exact description: Evacuate the City. The Floridan group have put together their recent EP “The Catastrophe” and have created a sound and feel that I have no choice but to give several rounds of applause to because this EP is a truly awesome piece of work for the genre that any fan of metalcore can love and fully respect as I do. Now I will say I’m not all that fond of techno effects (flashback’s to Korn “Path of Totality”), but they weren’t used all that often in “The Catastrophe” and they were used in a way that it flattered the rest of the music more than anything else so I’m willing to look past it. But overall, the EP was very well done from the solid vocals to the heavy guitars and drums to the great feel and sound that is carried over from song to song which makes this an EP that should definitely be heard by metalcore fans everywhere who are looking for a real treat.


BUY “The Catastrophe” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to the single “Recollection” via YouTube below or “The Catastrophe” in its entirety via Spotify here.

LIKE Evacuate the City on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Evacuate the City on Twitter : @ETCofficialFL


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