Sacred Blood – Argonautica

PromoImage (26) This third release from acclaimed Greek folk metal band Sacred Blood has left me applauding greatly and hitting that replay button over and over because their upcoming album “Argonautica” is something only a true Greek folk metal band could pull off. Now if you know your Greek mythology as I do to an extent you should know that judging by the various elements of the cover art from the warrior atop the serpent (not dragon, no wings that I can see) holding a golden fabric so it must be Jason getting the legendary Golden Fleece, and the woman enchanting the serpent must be Jason’s future wife, Medea, so Jason can retrieve the Fleece at all. All this is portrayed throughout the rest of “Argonautica” with the songs being tales of great heroes and ballads of perilous journeys which are told flawlessly with a vocalist with the absolute most perfect voice for this job, and the combination of guitars, drums, a lyre, and other types of percussion instruments that are just done fucking perfectly like right on the goddamn money and it has this amazing sound. Amazing if you enjoy folk metal that is, which I do a lot. Everything down to the melodic rhythm is right on point and it makes this one of my favorite folk metal albums to come out recently (never thought I’d say that twice in 2 days and mean it). This mythological beast drops its hammer on April 13th when every single proud folk metal fan can hear something that will make their ears melt out of sheer joy of listening to “Argonautica”.


LISTEN to the track “Call of Blood” off of the albums via SoundCloud below!

LIKE Sacred Blood on Facebook here.


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