Heidevolk – Velua

PromoImage (25) Whenever I want to listen to folk metal I always had two bands that were my go-to bands for quality sound: Ensiferum and Korpiklaani. But now after listening to Hedievolk’s upcoming 5th album “Velua” I now have a third band on my go-to list because this album was something else entirely that really brought the folk metal genre to the table and made it into something else that I haven’t heard done this well before. Now, this was sung in Dutch I believe and since I only speak English fluently, but the vocals sounded so good alongside the awesome guitars and fantastic drums. And then there’s the cover art which does an absolutely perfect representation of the feel of “Velua” with the various animal heads, the fire and ice?/water?-looking beings that I imagine are nature spirits, to the ominous woods with the stormy clouds above, the woman sewing from a wooden spindel with a goblin-type-thing crawling out of the mud beside her, and a whatever-the-fuck-that-is flying at the top between the antlers of that big ass deer head. Then there were just very little things that made this album great. For instance, there was a song that at the very beginning had no sort of instruments or anything. The only thing there was was the sound of a boar of some sort rummaging wherever it is, and then the sound of a hunter sneaking of behind it and then the quick sound of an arrow being strung and finally the twang of it being fired, then music. It had a really, really nice sound and really gave the true feel of the wilds in those few seconds that’s also spread throughout the entirety of “Velua”. Overall, this album was done extremely well and when it’s released the 20th of March then folk metal fans will lose their shit because this album alone will give Hedievolk the recognition that “Velua” demands from start to finish, and it will get that in copious amounts.


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LISTEN to the opening track “Winter Woede” from “Velua” via YouTube below.

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One thought on “Heidevolk – Velua

  1. It’s Thor flying at the top, between the antlers of the deer. You can see his chariot pulled by the two rams, and the lightning in his hand. Great art indeed.

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