Burnchurch (self-titled)

a2895334752_10 Irish hardcore punk band Burnchurch have an album coming out that is by far the best punk album that I’ve heard so far this year simply because of how raw and intense it is from beginning to end. Now as expected for most punk albums the songs are “short” with the longest being 3 minutes 20 seconds with the shortest being a minute 47 seconds, but that’s hardly a problem for me because as long as the songs are well done and badass, which they are, I can find something to enjoy out them and I did in excess. And then the cover art just has a great look to it that really shows how interestingly raw the album is in its entirety. Overall, Burnchurch have made an extremely solid punk album that will definitely put them among the elite of Irish punk bands, which have a surprising number believe it or not, and it will surely give them the attention and respect among that community that this album demands from the first track.


LISTEN to “Burnchurch” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Burnchurch on Facebook here.


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