Dead Earth Politics – Men Become Gods

PromoImage (23) This EP from Austin, Texas metallers Dead Earth Politics is an impressive 4-track piece that is heavy and awesome as all well rounded metal-heads envision something that we can head-bang to any day of the week and appreciate it all the while. “Men Become Gods” is a fantastic album in its entirely with every single song just blew me away with the sound of each track and the rough feel to each one that every single one of us can fall in love with because the sheer craftsmanship and quality of this album was just done fabulously. The rhythm down to the vocals to the cover art just make this album the greatness that it is and when “Men Become Gods” comes out March 14th it will be a very good day because then you’ll all be able to see the glory and sheer power that this album is jam packed with.


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