Irritation – Taste the Floor

 I thought that it was just thrash and speed metal but apparently hyper thrash is a thing. Who knew? Not me, but I’ll more than happily go with it because Irritation’s newest EP “Taste the Floor” is an example of hyper thrash that is a literal punch to the face as you may be able to tell from the cover art by the man who has suffered a severe impact to the face, but I digress. “Taste the Floor” has the real fast and raw pace to it from the vocals to the obviously fast guitars and drums for all 5 songs of the EP that are all of great quality for anyone who can enjoy the blistering pace of this metal like myself. And just the fact that this is their first release in 7 years, which is also their second release overall, is impressive because imagine what else Irritation could do if they took time like they did with this album to forge something that is exceptional at the very least as they did with “Taste the Floor”. This EP is an absolute must for any fan of the fast metal and is an essential for those looking for up and coming thrash metal bands.

LISTEN to “Taste the Floor” on ReverbNation here.

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