Crypt Sermon – Out of the Garden

a3045949469_10 If there was ever a doom metal album that practically made me throw my money at the band through the screen of my computer then this is that album because this – this – album is the epitome of the doom metal genre and is such an album that just stunned me as I reveled in its magnificence. “Out of the Garden” is an absolutely perfectly done album from the cover art to the breath-taking riffs to the vocals that, dare I say, are the Ozzy Osbourne vocals of doom metal with its sound and haunting feel alone that persist the entire 40+ minutes of this album. The feel to this album alone is rough and yet refined because of the feel of the guitars and the mammoth rhythm they have for the whole album just blew my goddamn mind and makes me want to do a back flip. No, I’m not kidding. “Out of the Garden” just is absolute masterpiece of doom metal from a small band from the proud city of Philadelphia that has done the impossible for a debut album. Yeah, I know! A fucking debut album and it’s this good! Imagine what the sophomore album will sound like! I cannot express enough of much I recommend this album other than if you don’t go and listen to it then you’re missing out a great deal.

BUY “Out of the Garden” on iTunes here.

LISTEN to “Out of the Garden” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Crypt Sermon on Facebook here.

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