The Agonist – Eye of Providence

The Agonist - Eye Of Providence The Agonist’s latest album, “Eye of Providence”, is one of those few amazing examples that progressive metal has come a long way and can be one of the most fucking dynamic albums you’ve ever heard in your life. This female fronted band had a resounding feel to it that I feel like many metal fans can agree with because the harsher vocals had a great sound and feel to them while the softer singing was just absolutely beautiful. The guitars and drums also have a great rhythm to them that are melodic and that’s good for me because I prize melody in most metal and it’s good in varying amounts and depends upon the person typically, but I think this is the kind that many more people can just sit down and enjoy it like I do. Overall, as you’ve probably already guessed, I found “Eye of Providence” to be a very good and solid album that was very well rounded because of its sound and sheer awesomeness that there is for the entire album. And if you don’t like the album, then go listen again. Just do it.


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