Every Hour Kills – Almost Human (single)

PromoImage (22) Singles, as we all know, are simply preludes to an album which is usually one of the highlights of the album. Well Every Hour Kills’ new single “Almost Human”off their upcoming self-titled EP coming this summer. This song has a great feel to it and anyone who’s listened to the truly higher quality of melodic metal (for example, Disturbed) knows what it feels like to hear the really good shit and its great sound. “Almost Human” has just that. The song has an amazing feel to it that is uplifting and empowering at the same time and it makes you feel like could run a marathon and finish first place. That’s how I felt anyway. “Almost Human” is also like Disturbed in a way because the vocals are like Disturbed’s because it’s not hardcore or intense screaming (not that there’s anything wrong with that) which will definitely appeal to metal fans who don’t like those vocals but still love the intense guitars and drums. “Almost Human” is an amazing song that is surely to be one of other awesome tracks that are to be stunning when the EP comes out this summer. You can stream the song in full via YouTube right below.


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