Tome of the Unreplenished – Innerstanding

PromoImage (20) I’m not exactly one for atmospheric black metal because I like black metal fast and loud and not slow and calming like a good chunk of Tome of the Unreplenished’s new album “Innerstanding” is. I’m not saying it’s bad because it’s not; it has a quality sound and is very interesting in some points that I enjoyed. But in other parts it was just really slow and with several songs reaching over 5 minutes it just dragged on for an eternity to me which in some cases it’s good but not this one. In no way is this a bad album like I said, it’s just not for me, and I know that many out there will enjoy this album. My only wish is that there was more actual black metal where it’s fast and hardcore with intense vocals and not digitally added sounds. But I’m not the biggest expert for this kind of metal, so what do I know?


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4 thoughts on “Tome of the Unreplenished – Innerstanding

  1. I dont get why people who are not into a specific style of black metal can sit down and write a review for something that they don’t like, your’e supposed to view the album for what it is, we don’t care of your specific “taste”… anyway ive noticed that alot on this website’s reviews and i think its wrong

    1. I appreciate your honesty. I really do. But I never said it was bad. It’s not my preferred type, but I never said it was bad. I know you don’t care about my “taste”. If you think I’m doing something wrong and you wanna suggest a way that you think I could improve, then please by all means tell me and I’ll give it a shot.

      1. I think whats wrong is that you reviewed this album without having any particular knowledge of the music,as clearly stated by you. What makes webzines credible is if you have people who are into the actual music that they review.
        What ive learned about this specific album for example is:

        1. You don’t like atmospheric black metal
        2. You like your black metal fast and loud
        3. You think the album is good but boring, with some songs reaching “Over 5 minutes” *(?) not exactly sure what you meant by that.
        4. You wish that this album had more “black metal” of your taste (i.e fast and loud)

        I think you understand what my point is, this review was more about you than the actual album, you don’t need to “wish” that this album would have more black metal that you like in it.. this form of black metal is clearly not your thing to analyze, since stated by you, that you barely know anything about it.
        Better have people who appreciate and understand specific genres and styles of music do the reviews, because the only think i read about this specific album is “I dont like this kind of black metal, but heres what i think about it anyway.. but i dont really like this kind of black metal” essentially what you said

      2. Yes, I don’t have a particular knowledge about this kind of black metal, and yes, I do understand what your point is I believe. You want an unbiased review for an album from someone who knows the genre enough to confidently review it efficiently. Problem is is that I’m only one person. I run this by myself; all of it. I would love to find more people to help me out with genres that I don’t know too much about or enjoy as much such as atmospheric black metal, symphonic metal, or opera metal. I honestly don’t know shit about those. I’d love to have other people help me out with this but right now I haven’t found anyone else to help me out with this and do it as often as I do. I understand your reasoning and I appreciate it because it’s logical and reasonable, but one person can only do so much.

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