Tarsius Tarsier – Ceremonia de Atadura de Manos

a0808303074_10 When most of us think of hardcore punk we think of the loud ass in-your-face vocals that some people love but other people can’t stand. This album was more on the positive side for me but it did have its flaws despite it overall being good for me. Personally I think “Ceremonia de Atadura de Manos” felt a bit off pace and it lacked a good feel to it during a few moments throughout the album even though the sound was solid for its majority. I’m not the biggest punk fan there is out there so I’ve never really heard the “ultra good” punk there is to be heard, but I think that “Ceremonia de Atadura de Manos” did a solid job for what it was and is certainly something to be checked out by punk fans.


LISTEN to “Ceremonia de Atadura de Manos” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Tarsius Tarsier on Facebook here.


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