The Midnight Ghost Train – Cold Was The Ground

PromoImage (17) As one of my best friends would say, “Dat cover” (yes. . . “dat”). And to which I have this to say: this album is fucking great! “Cold Was The Ground” is an amazing piece of work from the Kansan trio The Midnight Ghost Train that I will definitely for a fact buy twice; once for iTunes and another time for the CD. I think it’s that amazing, yes. This entire album just amazed me from start to finish with the grinding vocals and hardcore guitars that were in perfect harmony with the explosive drums for the whole album. But the one singular thing that really impressed me about this album was the fantastic bass which was both badass and fantastically rhythmic in every song and it just drove me crazy with amazement. It was shown the best in the tracks “Arvonia” and “The Little Sparrow”. Now I know (most) you can’t listen to the album until it comes out March 10th, but when it does remember those two songs and check out that bass. “Cold Was The Ground” is an amazing album having everything an essential metal head could ever want from a band you’ve probably never heard of before, and it’s great!


BUY “Cold Was The Ground” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to the track “Twin Souls” via Spotify here.

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FOLLOW The Midnight Ghost Train on Twitter : @TMGTofficial

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