Desecrator – Red Steel Nation (single)

logo Hearkening back to the “glory days” of thrash metal, Desecrator’s brand new single “Red Steel Nation” really has brought back that mentality of giving the music power of its own that comes in plentiful heaps. The vocals for this song along go great with the guitars which were fast and will make any fan of this band love instantly the moment this start playing because “Red Steel Nation” is made for thrash metal fans and not just fans of Desecrator alone. Now I personally do not know if this single will be on a future album or is just a stand alone single for the time being since some bands do that. But I can tell you right now that even though I’ve never heard anything else from Desecrator before it reminded me of Hirax in a way, which is good for me because I really like Hirax. So if you enjoy thrash metal like I do then check out “Red Steel Nation” via YouTube right below and check it out and judge it for yourself.


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