Insepulto – The Necrodex

PromoImage (14) Take a wild guess on what genre this is. Yeah, that’s right. This shit is folk metal! Now if you have half a brain you know that’s a straight up lie and that this is death metal the one of the highest degrees. Old school death metal if you want to get specific. And no, I’m not yanking your chain this actually feels and sounds like the 90s death metal that we all know but not all may love and I’m okay with that. Insepulto has done something with “The Necrodex”that I feel like many bands out there who try to re-envision 90s death metal album tried to put a modern spin on it and say it’s something it’s not – 90s death metal (bet you can’t get the 3 keywords here). But “The Necrodex” has done what those bands want and made an album that you can tell will be brutal just from the cover, and has one of the greatest and most hardcore sounds you’ve heard from a band trying to imitate the 90s. The vocals in this are amazingly brutal along with the guitars and drums that do a great job as to bringing the exact feel that the cover art says you will feel. Now I really honestly wish that this album was on Spotify so I could just link the album, but I could only find separate tracks on YouTube, and you can listen to “The Chaos the Ancients Spoke Of” by those same means right below.


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