Conceived By Hate / Akheron – Coalition of Death

PromoImage (13) Who figured that one album made me feel like I could run a marathon at light speed and punch people in the face while doing it? Well that is exactly what this combination of death thrashers Conceived By Hate and Akheron did for me in their upcoming split album “Coalition of Death”. Now you might be thinking “since you say both these bands are death and thrash metal then what’s the difference between the two?” Well, my young metal head, Conceived By Hate is more death metal oriented and Akheron is more on the thrash metal side. If you know at least one of these bands then you will know this already, of course, but it’s important to know that two bands aren’t just carbon copies of one another and just thought to throw together a split album because why the fuck not. But no matter what you think, “Coalition of Death” is an amazing demonstration of two bands showing off their awesome sound of death thrash that is (as you might’ve guessed) is fast, brutal, and great all at once. Just everything from the vocals to the damn cover art shows exactly what this album is all about and what you’re to expect to hear when you press that play button when this comes out on March 10th which is a day I now have marked on my calender. If you want a taste of what “Coalition of Death” is like then you can listen to the first track, “Devotees of Death”, which is performed by Conceived By Hate via SoundCloud right below.


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