Ashes In Vein (self-titled)

PromoImage (12) I completely agree with this EP. Now, I will say that I don’t love it with every fiber of my being, but I did really enjoy listening to Ashes In Vein’s upcoming self-titled melodic metal album simply because of its awesomely rough sound and its gritty sandpaper-like feel to it that it has in each of the 4 tracks. It just sounds great for what it is. The vocals also range all over the fucking spectrum of vocals in metal and this gives “Ashes In Vein” a versatility to it that I honestly feel like a lot of albums are lacking nowadays where it seems that the vocalist only has one sound and that’s it for most bands. Variety is better (in my mind, at least). Everything else in the EP was spot on with the guitars because melodic as the genre suggests and along with the drums make an excellent combo that (as I said) is gritty and melodic to the point where metal fans out there can find at least a few things to like from this album as I have. This EP doesn’t come out until February 24th, but you can listen to the first track, “Misery”, off of YouTube right below.


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