Blind Guardian – Beyond the Red Mirror

10430901_10152477371072113_5610635089705665831_n By far my favorite Blind Guardian album because they have taken their legendary sound and just upped the anti times ten million, and I love it. They still have that amazingly great feel to them that I’m sure we all knew was going to stay when they first revealed the cover art which is fabulous. The songs are as long as they’ve ever been and maybe a little longer with this album clocking over an hour and ten minutes with 2 tracks exceeding 9 minutes! Damn! Blind Guardian just outdoes themselves which each new album for me. “Beyond the Red Mirror” is an absolutely beautiful piece and is definitely one for any power and progressive metal fan as I’m sure you all know is just how Blind Guardian is since they’re one of the mammoths of power metal in the world as we all know. There’s no doubt about it that Blind Guardian has done it again and has proven once more to us that they are here to stay for a while to come and will continue to produce great albums and great music for some time to come.


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