Visigoth – The Revenant King

10846146_770644499675354_2262069027609782139_n Interesting cover art. Now as you’ve probably guessed already this album is medieval themed albeit in just theme and it doesn’t really cross over into the over sound and feel of the album. But I’m fine with that because the raw feel of “The Revenant King” is fast and pulse pounding with a dose of melody that just makes this album all the more great. The album also has a power metal-like sound to it but I personally don’t think that it’s present enough for me to classify this as power metal so I’ll just draw the line and heavy metal and call it a day. The vocals in this have a resounding feel to them that I feel like anyone can enjoy at any time of day just because of how smooth and rhythmic they are for the album’s entirety, the guitars have a great sound to them that like I said are much like power metal but yet not (take that as you will, I don’t care), and the drums have a phenomenal beat that keeps up with the guitars and keeps everything fast and loud which is what they do best. I will say that “The Revenant King” had lengthy songs with only one at over 3 minutes and the rest over 5 and stretching to 8 and 9 minutes. Now these were good songs but I just don’t think that they worked out as well as they could have because it didn’t keep my attention for that long and thinking that the song was never going to end, but that’s just me. I know a lot of people love long ass songs and I got nothing against that, and if you’re one of them then I suggest Visigoth because it is indeed and worthy album and definitely one to check out.


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