Battle Beast – Unholy Savior

10710970_738248522895244_8490560131805171974_n Talk about pure Finnish metal coming through for another quality album from a great band! Battle Beast’s sophomore album “Unholy Savior” is an album that has amazingly beautiful vocals from vocalist Noora Louhimo who can take her voice from a calm chant as in “Sea of Dreams” into something completely different like in the beginning track “Lionheart”. The guitars in this can go into something that is very akin to folk metal like in the track (again) “Sea of Dreams” to a sound that has power metal written over it and then it throws some thrash into the mix because why the fuck not? And the drums have a fantastic beat with the other beasts in each song by keeping the tempo and feel awesomely fast. There were other things from “Unholy Savior” that just made this album great like the keyboards which brought a great sound and feel to songs that would honestly feel a little incomplete if they weren’t there and I’m very thankful they are. But overall just with the theme, feel, sound, cover art, and everything else about this album I do absolutely have to say that Battle Beast have made a (no pun intended) beast of an album that will definitely not be forgotten as one of the best releases of early 2015 by a mile.


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