Dehuman – Graveyard of Eden

PromoImage (10) I’m gonna plop down some metal math in the form of equation on your asses.

Old-school death metal + modern sound and feel + thrash + brutal 90s death metal + red-hot aggression = ???

Well the answer, my students, is Dehuman’s upcoming album “Graveyard of Eden”. This album is for those of you that I always hear saying, “They need to bring back 90’s death metal, man! It’s the shit!” You know who you are. But this album isn’t just that – it’s this collaboration of all these things that made death metal into what it was and what it is now; blind fury, ultra-fast beat, vocals so deep only elephants can understand them, and sheer brutality that destroys your ears in minutes. The songs are also not even that long (to me) with the longest not even being 7 and a half minutes long, but Dehuman has performed this album in such a way that each song feels much longer than what it really is and that’s fantastic because each song is filled from beginning to end with awesomeness that practically makes you foam at the fucking mouth if you find “Graveyard of Eden” as good as I did. And sadly this badass piece doesn’t drop until March 9th so I’m gonna torture myself and not listen to it for almost 2 months like all of you because I’m that kind of person that when something awesome comes into my ears I want to always think about it and crave for it, and not listening to it for an extended period of time does just that for me. And this album is so worth that, a million times over.


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LISTEN to “Crypts of Blood” from “Graveyard of Eden” via YouTube right below!


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