Harrow – Fallow Fields

PromoImage (9) I’m gonna be straight up with you – I saw black and folk metal in the description for Harrow’s “Fallow Fields” and just hopped right on it. I love me some black metal. I love me some folk metal. And I love black/folk metal when it’s put together and done right. Now before I say anything else, both genres definitely were in “Fallow Fields” but there was more black metal than folk metal. The folk metal came in only acoustic parts of these 8+ minute songs even though I enjoyed them a lot, but I was really hoping for a more well done cohesive album. But whatever! I’m going with it because it’s an overall well done album that has an awesome sound to it that goes from a calm, peaceful pace and tone to the more black metal parts where the sound is more harsh and . . . well, black metal! That should put the right thought in your head. “Fallow Fields” is also, as I said, very lengthy with only 4 tracks on it, but I would definitely recommend this album if you’re going for some different from the norm that will have you tapping your foot and enjoying the riffs the entire time.


LISTEN to Harrow’s previous album “Fragments of a Fallen Star” on Bandcamp here.


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