Graveyard After Graveyard – Hellhound On My Tail

PromoImage (8) Supergroups. First thing that comes to mind? Myself, I have two bands that pop up at once: Hellyeah and Killer Be Killed. Now those two I’m just using as examples to put images and expectations in your heads for what Graveyard After Graveyard are like. Well take all those images and expectations and throw them out the fucking window. Now picture this: a trio of people who want to revolutionize and change all the rules that black/thrash/death metal revivalists have been doing it, but making their music intense from second one and making it live, breathe, and surge with power. I put that in italics because power comes in surplus in “Hellhound On My Trail”. If there has ever been a small band that combined so many good elements of harsh genres and smelted them together into something amazingly brutal. “Hellhound On My Trail” doesn’t come out until February 23rd but you can stream the first track, “Out to Feed”, via YouTube below.


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