Lonewolf – Cult of Steel

1000x1000 If there was ever a good power metal album from a well known band that I’ve never heard of I’m glad it’s Lonewolf because I now know that there are seven other albums I can go back and listen to because “Cult of Steel” has put this band as one of my new favorite power metal bands with that signature power metal feel to it. If you’ve ever listened to a lot of power metal you know that feel that I’m talking about, and if not then go find some power metal and figure it out for yourself. But “Cult of Steel” had a great sound to it that I know every true power metal fan out there will really enjoy this album if they haven’t already. The vocals were very well done and had a great combo with the guitars that had a rhythmic pulse to them that were hypnotic to say in the least when set along side the drums that had an amazing beat. Now while I will say that this isn’t my favorite of power metal albums or bands I can certainly say that this band has talent and I know that they can get up there with Manowar, Sabaton, DragonForce and any other big power metal bands out there today. Now I just discovered these guys today so for all I know they’re as big or bigger, but that’s not the point. The point is is that “Cult of Steel” is amazing and I highly recommend it to power metal fanatics everywhere.


BUY “Cult of Steel” on iTunes here.

LISTEN to “Cult of Steel” on Spotify here.

LIKE Lonewolf on Facebook here.


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