Comaniac – Return to the Wasteland

cover Return to the Wasteland Thrash metal. That sums up what Comaniac’s debut album “Return to the Wasteland” is because that’s simply what it is. This Swiss-born thrash metal has that traditional fast paced everything that is signature to true thrash metal everywhere, but Comaniac has given a little bit of . . . aggression (I think that’d be the correct word) that I will admit has been done infinite times before now. However, for whatever reason Comaniac has managed to bring a fresh feel to it that, I’ve no idea why, felt like I haven’t heard done properly in a very long time. It seems to me as if this were a raw blend of Exodus and (early) Metallica. I’m not saying that they’re as big or as fucking fantastic as both of those behemoths but I do know that Comaniac can get to a high level with this kind of thrash because this is the kind of shit that made both Metallica and Exodus fucking huge. And once again I’m not saying it will happen because I sure as hell can’t see in the future but I know that they can if they make more albums like “Return to the Wasteland”. I like it that much, yes. But anyway, this awesome debut drops on us all on February 27th and you can listen to one of the songs off the album titled “Cut Throat” via YouTube below.


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