Heaving Earth – Denouncing the Holy Throne

PromoImage (7) This is so far the best blasphemous death metal album of this year that I’ve heard yet! Now I know it’s only been 22 days but just bare with me. “Denouncing the Holy Throne” by its name alone sounds like a brutal piece of death metal that is definitely blasphemous, and it’s true. But Heaving Earth have created the same sound of death metal but it has a different technicality to it that puts an amazing spin on the album which made this so much more better than other death metal albums much like this one where the band is putting a lot of emphasis on the “death” part. And this album is an absolute genre masterpiece for what it is. The last time I said this for death metal was for Feared’s “Vinter” which came out late 2013 so it’s been a little while since the right album has come across my metal radar. And “Denouncing the Holy Throne” has rightfully earned that title because this album marks a fantastic start for death metal in 2015 along with a few other noteworthy albums. The album drops on the 10th of February (for which I cannot wait) and you can listen to the single “Doomed Before Inception” below.


LISTEN to “Doomed Before Inception” on YouTube here.

LIKE Heaving Earth on Facebook here.


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