Dead Alone – Nemesis

SCR-CD051 DEAD ALONE - Nemesis Cover This album is probably the most perfect blend of black, death, and doom metal that I have heard recently. My only true lamentations about this album is that the album seems to last a lot longer than its actual run time and I’m more of a fast paced death metal guy, but I suppose I shouldn’t complain about doom metal not being “fast”. But “Nemesis” is a truly good album that I highly recommend to any listeners of the three genres that I’ve already told you about because this album will just rip your face off, and then reattach it with its brutal, calm, and awesome moments that span the entire album. If you’re a fan of these three like I am then I highly recommend this album simply because of how awesome it is.


BUY “Nemesis” on iTunes here.

LISTEN to “Nemesis” on Spotify here.

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