Unbibium – The Coming of Gozer

a1796680849_10 I’m not exactly the biggest fan of deathcore simply because I like my death metal as just death metal and my metalcore as just metalcore. I’m not saying deathcore is bad I just like the two factors of this combo as themselves and not smashed together to make some “fresh, new, and amazing”. But Unbibium’s latest single titled “The Coming of Gozer” is such that at the end of the just over 5 minute song it left me sitting here in my fuckin’ computer chair giving this song a solid thumb up in approval. Now again I don’t exactly find this to be my favorite type of metal but even I found something to be badass and awesome in this song. The riffs, brutal vocals, and relentless drums all coalesce into something that has to be a prelude to a really nice album that Unbibium has in the making for us all. So when this album comes out and I finally catch wind of it you bet your sorry ass that I’ll be back here telling you bastards how it is.


BUY “The Coming of Gozer” on iTunes here.

LISTEN to “The Coming of Gozer” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Unbibium on Facebook here.


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