Lord Dying – Poisoned Altars

PromoImage (5) Second album. Second goddamn album. I did not believe it at first when I saw that this was only Lord Dying’s second release because it sounds like they’ve been doing this for a long time with how fucking good “Poisoned Altars” is. When I first saw that cover I thought that this was either going to be a terrible album or an absolute beast, and thankfully it was the latter this time around. The riffs in all these songs made them some of the most catchy and awesome sounding death metal that I’ve heard in a while. This might cross over into the territory of melodic death metal but I’m not the one who decides on that kind of shit. I’m just gonna leave it at death metal and call it a day because that’s what it is at the very least without a doubt (I mean the cover art says it all). But this album is such that it will pull out each and every one of your teeth, slowly, and then proceed to stab at the wounds with acid soaked serrated knives. It’s that harsh. And this album is going to cause some ripples among metal community whether you like it or not because “Poisoned Altars” isn’t something to scoff at and it’s going to have a lot of people taken aback like it has with me and other places like MetalSucks. It’s going to get on some people’s top early albums of 2015 and maybe go far enough to win some places on people’s top albums of the year. Now that’s a huge stretch but mark my words, dammit. Mark my words!


BUY “Poisoned Altars” on iTunes here.

LISTEN to the single “A Wound Outside of Time” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Lord Dying on Twitter : @Lorddying

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