Sylosis – Dormant Heart

1957907_782055901830313_4679376325088275986_o Sylosis has given us an album that will surely leave some stunned in their seats and others applauding the album and band as I am because of their latest helping of progressive metal called “Dormant Heart” which came out today. I’ll be honest – it didn’t make me shit my pants to any degree, but it was definitely noteworthy and good because the album was jock full of good rhythms and the kind of stuff that progressive metal was founded on during its conception. It also has a dash of thrash metal thrown into the mix to give the album a little bit of that speed some of us love and can’t get enough of. It definitely gave “Dormant Heart” a little bit of spice that made it (in my eyes) better than if it were just pure progressiveness. Although I felt as though it lacked something. Don’t ask me what because I’ve thought it over quite a bit while listening to it what it was missing. Maybe a little bit more melody or heaviness? Not sure. But this is a good album for what it is and I know that Sylosis has what it takes for me to have to put on a new pair of pants and buy the album as it’s done with a ton of other people out there already. I can sense this kind of shit. I call it Facebook.


BUY “Dormant Heart” on iTunes here.

LISTEN to “Dormant Heart” on Spotify here.

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FOLLOW Sylosis on Twitter : @Sylosis


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