Ensiferum – One Man Army (single)

ensiferumonemanarmycd Many of us folk metal fans remember when Ensiferum first released their last album “Unsung Heroes” and how much we fucking loved every part of it and its awesomeness. Well it’s been a few years and Ensiferum has finally reached a good point to them where they can release a new album titled “One Man Army” in good conscious. Now they’ve released a music video today for the title track and I was very excited. I was excited because I, some schmuck on a computer, could only imagine what it was going to be, what it was going to sound like, if it’ll sound like “Unsung Heroes”, blah, blah, blah. The list goes on. But if you haven’t seen the music video (1) link below and (2) if you want a comparison it’s like what the title track for Amon Amarth’s last album “Deceiver of Gods” was for you Amon Amarth fans out there. The track was new, it was fresh, it had great sound, it was different, but it was still Amon Amarth. The same thing goes for “One Man Army” – same band, different sound, but same damn feel of the badass folk metal we loved and still love. And if this one track on its own is any sign of what we’re to hear when the full album drops on February 20th (which of course it is) then we are in for a good fucking album that may very well be the apex of metal for the first trimester of 2015. No promises or guarantees obviously but I’m placing a very small mental bet myself.


BUY “One Man Army” (the album this time) on the Metal Blade Records store here!

LISTEN to “One Man Army” on YouTube here!

LIKE Ensiferum on Facebook here!

FOLLOW Ensiferum on Twitter : @EnsiferumMetal


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