Monolith – Against the Wall of Forever

cover1400x1400 I agree with this album and everything it stands for. Straight from the very beginning I could tell this album was gonna be something else that was going to range from heavy to a degree that someone who likes metal can love and someone who likes rock can love because “Against the Wall of Forever” crosses both genres and does an amazingly excellent job at performing both with expert skill. The pure sound alone of Monolith in this album is fantastic in every way with how fucking catchy it is and the heaviness that’s implied into it makes it sound all the more better. I just cannot express how good I think this album is because it doesn’t come out until February (9th for UK, 10th for USA) and it sucks because there’s no single out yet from the album. And no – I don’t know if they’re going to release one and when if they do at all. Do I want them to? Shit yeah, I do! It’d be awesome to see what song they’d pick out of this awesome collection of 8 tracks that are all great in my opinion. And when the release date drops I’m gonna be all over it like death metal on Cannibal Corpse.


LISTEN to a 10 second trailer for the first track on YouTube here.

LIKE Monolith on Facebook here.

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