Ara – Devourer of Worlds

a2620048696_10 This is by far the most Cannibal Corpse-like album that I’ve heard since . . . well . . . Cannibal Corpse! “Devourer of Worlds” is an ultra raw death metal that absolutely melts your ear drums. Everything from the vocals to the drums are hardcore in every single fucking way. Now you might be thinking “Awe well if it’s so much like Cannibal Corpse then why do I need to listen to it if I just fuckin’ listen to Cannibal Corpse instead?” Well Ara brings a dash of technical metal which sounds amazing along with the death metal that is brutal as all hell so the sound isn’t the same, the style is a tad different, and the overall performance as its own little touch while being ultimately the same thing more or less. But I overall enjoyed “Devourer of Worlds” simply because of the raw heaviness that it held for the entire album and sounded fucking badass the whole goddamn time.


LISTEN to “Devourer of Worlds” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Ara on Facebook here.


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