He Whose Ox Is Gored – Rumors

a0779317869_10 That cover and name don’t exactly scream “one of the best doom metal albums you’ve heard for a little while”, I know, but after listening to “Rumors” that’s all the album did for me. Just from this alone I have that feel in the back of my head that He Whose Ox Is Gored can really rise the ranks of doom metal bands out there easily if they make their first full length album which (based upon what they’ve done with “Rumors”) is going to be something else entirely. This album is really catchy and just all around really good with the haunting vocals. guitars and drums that are absolutely killer every second throughout the album, and the style of “Rumors” is untamed and it has a fantastic sound to it that is the essence of post-hardcore and is made even better when mixed with doom metal. If you want to have a doom metal album that will blow you the fuck away and keep doing it for many times over – He Whose Ox Is Gored is the right band for you!


LISTEN to “Rumors” on Bandcamp here.

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