Vickie Vale – Volume 3: A Heart Out of Tune

a3252647216_10 This post-hardcore punk album is definitely one for those of you out there who enjoy your gritty punk music from a band that also has softer side in the latter half of the album. Now before you go anywhere – the second half isn’t completely soppy and sad music; it was just more prominent in the second half than in the first half. But “Volume 3: A Heart Out of Tune” was a solid album when I listened to it because it really had that emotional factor that I didn’t mind because it wasn’t really overpowering to me. The tone and overall feel of this album was gritty and powerful at the same time and I feel like the vocals had a lot to do with that because of the range that they go at which is from the natural punk vocals to softer and calmer. Same exact thing goes for the guitars and drums which were both really good. Now while I will say that this album didn’t particularlly astound me and made me shit my pants, I do think that if you like you punk that has some softer moments then this album is most definitely for you any day of the week.


LISTEN to “Volume 3: A Heart Out of Tune” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Vickie Vale on Facebook here.


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