Cyhyraeth – Servant to the Fire

a2694888610_10 Before I get anywhere, let me just say that I love that cover. It looks badass. Now, Cyhyraeth is the best melodic death metal band to have come across my radar since Despite did a few months ago. But what Cyhyraeth brings to the table that shakes things up a little bit is that they have a female vocalist. And what other melodic death metal band has a female vocalist? Arch Enemy. So that raised a flag for me simply because of that possibility that Cyhyraeth could be as good. Well personally they’re not as good as Arch Enemy but they are definitely up there in the higher quality of female-fronted death metal bands out there in my opinion. The vocals have a great range of variety to the point where I feel in love with them because of the tones, the sound of them, and how fluent they were. The guitars and drums were just absolutely raw and brutal just as the cover art suggests. “Servant to the Fire” us definitely a good death metal album that will surely excite many fans of the genre greatly as it did with me.


BUY “Servant to the Fire” on iTunes here.

LISTEN to “Servant to the Fire” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Cyhyraeth on Twitter : @CyhyraethMetal


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