Almøst Human – Ø

AH_Cover It would appear that underground metal has a healthy surplus of kickass melodic metal bands that are now slowly crossing my radar and the latest one that I’ve found is Almøst Human’s “Ø”. This album has fucking boat loads of melody but it’s also in absolute perfect harmony with the heaviness that it has which also comes in fucking boat loads. It has the vocals, the rhythm, the right guitars, the right drums, and the sound of a true underground metal band because this is something that has the potential to become huge but hasn’t because they just haven’t reached the right audience yet. Well fuck, I’m part of that audience and it reached me! Is it because of another site I do reviews for? Yes, but that doesn’t mean that it would never have reached me otherwise. The point is that “Ø” is a heavy, melodic, and overall great EP that has impressed me and will surely impress many of you out there who like to listen to shit that isn’t quite mainstream yet, and that’s what makes Almøst Human great to me because they’re not constricted by the bullshit of big time bands that aren’t making the music they want.


BUY “Ø” on iTunes here.

LISTEN to “Ø” on YouTube here.

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FOLLOW Almøst Human on Twitter : @almosthuman01


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