Fallen Theory – Ghost

10557462_806161086097184_8128541179669381936_n Whoever said that heavy metal is dead? No one? Good! Because it’s not and Fallen Theory’s latest album “Ghost” is proof of that in every single way! This album is what melodic metal is all about especially since I personally cannot place this in any specific subgenre so I will just call it melodic metal just because that’s what it fucking is. “Ghost” is to me a kind of blend of Seether and a dash of Disturbed because even though they might not be direct influences you can just make out some similarities. Or maybe not and you think I’m just talking out my ass. Anyway, the vocals were like those of Seether be it either rhythmically or based purely on the way they sound but they sounded great and I found the melodic factor of Disturbed in the guitars and drums which were great for the entirety of the album especially in the track “Solace” which I have to say is my absolute favorite song off the album. But “Ghost” is an overall amazing album that I highly encourage any fan of melodic metal to go check out because it is surely one that will not disappoint you as it didn’t with me.


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