War On All Fronts – Let’s Start a War… Vol. 1

a3911372883_10 Technically, War On All Fronts isn’t a record label. It’s a fanzine that has just very recently started putting out releases and this fantastic compilation is one of them. “Let’s Start a War… Vol. 1” is an extremely solid compilation of fast paced metal that ranges across the genres of black, thrash, death, and speed metal in its finest moments from the underground metal scene. All of these bands and their songs bring a ferocity to their respective genres and infuse them with lightning speed and each song compliments the previous one and the following song so the flow between tracks for this whole compilation is just about as flawless as compilations come. And with this being one of the first releases from War On All Fronts then I can only imagine what they could find and put together for future volumes because Vol 1. is amazingly good and I highly recommend it for someone who wants to hear awesome underground bands that they’ve never heard of but will love after hearing this and that goes triple for those of you who love your fast metal like me.


LISTEN to “Let’s Start a War… Vol. 1” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE War On All Fronts on Facebook here.


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