In Days Forgotten (self-titled)

10443383_314178085459796_2039788680072781367_n With In Days Forgotten being one of the very first bands I ever reviewed when I began this shit, I leaped on this album when I first saw it on Spotify. Their previous EP was great and now they’re new self-titled full length album is even better! This is what I like to call brutal metalcore which is between regular metalcore and deathcore. If you want a point of reference – Killswitch Engage is normal metalcore and Consumption is deathcore, and In Days Forgotten is smack dab in the middle and I love it! The variety of both conventional and unconventional vocals mixed with these badass guitars and drums create (for me) a very, very interesting combination that provides a fresh take on the metalcore genre that isn’t all that much different from the more well known albums of metalcore, but it is different enough to where it’s not the same recycled shit that we’ve heard many times over. In Days Forgotten has once again brought something new to the table, then took the table, threw it out the goddamn window and put down a table of their own and said, “Our turn.”


LISTEN to “In Days Forgotten” on Spotify here.

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